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Sourcing database: Available Chemicals Directory (ACD)

Why should we license ACD, if there are numerous free-of-charge offers on the Internet to search for suppliers?
  1. There are also numerous suppliers for each compound. ACD helps you to select the best supplier
    • collecting all supplier information under one structure record
    • providing prices
    • sort by normalized prices
    • set your preferred supplier
    • add files with your own company prices
  2. Knowing where to buy a compound is only a small part of the whole ordering process. Out of the box ACD has already a shopping cart. If you want a complete solution, please ask for LOGISTICS.
  3. Integrates with other databases, such as reaction databases. An icon under a structure automatically tells you if the compound is available.
  4. ACD can be incorporated as in-house database or as web service into your own application.
  5. Export answer list into SDFiles or Excel.
Approximate disk space requirements (approximate values, new versions are available)  
DB Name Current Release Oracle Tablespace Size Number of Unique Compounds 
 Available Chemicals Directory (3D) 2009,4 8.25 G*
9.83 G**
9.84 G***
1.87 M
 Screening Compounds Directory 2009,3 36.4 G*
38.5 G**
40.3 G***
6.95 M
 Chemical Products Information File - Server Version 2009,4 7.91 G 1.87 M



Commercially available research-grade and bulk chemicals

Current catalog information from 880 worldwide suppliers, ACD and SCD.

Over 1,8 million unique chemicals.

ISIS Relational Chemical Gateway (RCG) Database
CPI File (Oracle tables)
SDfile (3D structures only)
RDfile (2D structures and catalog data)
Available online via DiscoveryGateŽ

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You can access ACD also via a web service.



Some of te building blocks from AKosSamples are included in the ACD. Some of te screening compounds from AKosSamples are in SCD (Screening Compound Database.) For a complete search use CWM Global Search. Focus:
Building blocks and screening compounds

SDF files from more than 30 suppliers

Over 6 million unique chemicals.

CWM Global Search If you don't find your compounds in ACD or SCD, try CWM Global Search. This is an Internet search engine for chemists. Focus:
Comprehensive searches on the Internet.

Presently, ca. 30 sources.

Over 100 million pages with chemical structures.