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Delivering screening compounds and building blocks

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>27 Million Molecules available to order
6 Million Molecules available on stock

 Managed from inquiry to delivery
From single molecules to screening libraries of thousands of molecules

  •  AKosSamples  has built the trust of hundreds of customers, from multinational pharmaceutical companies to contract and university research labs across the globe.

  • We have 16 years of experience of supplying research molecules, building blocks and screening samples. AKosSamples has the knowledge, experience and systems to take care of the complexities of sourcing research molecules for you.

  • The AKosSamples custom synthesis service is able to rapidly tender requests across its growing network of chemistry laboratories to provide research molecules not otherwise available. 

  • Estimated prices: The pricing depends very heavily on commission and shipping charges per order. The prices given are estimates for an order of 3 compounds and a minimum order of 300 Euro.  

  • Larger orders and large quantities (> 250 mg) will be priced separately. Delivery time: Compounds that are on stock can be delivered in less than 2 weeks after we have received your order. Even if the compounds are on stock it takes some time to get them through custom procedures, which are sometimes time consuming. This is the reason that it takes sometimes two weeks.

AKos GmbH at the ChemSpec 2013

What our customers say:

Hi Caroline, 
we’ve received all 3 shipments for this request.  Thanks very much for your help with the process.  Your system is thorough and efficient, and your communication on order status is very clear.   I wanted to let you know that you’re appreciated! 

Thanks again - Casey

Digital Science Co. Ltd. represents non-exclusively AKos GmbH in Korea for the software products iScienceSearch, PASS and PharmaExpert, and for distributing chemical compounds from AKosSamples.