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CWM Global Search is an innovative Internet search tool for scientists that want to search for chemical data on the Internet - it makes a federated search over many scientific databases on the Internet.
bullet Search the Internet by structure!

Find structures for synonyms!


Submit several compound in one search - use SDFiles.


Find biological effects of a compound.


Get access to information that was until recently a very costly service.


Video about CWM Global Search on YouTube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OHs2QPtKqI or click picture

Also check this article about CWM Global Search :


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starts the application in your web browser. You need to have Java and Silverlight installed,
see video, or
installation notes

CWM Global Search Installation: Video how to prepare your computer with  Silverlight and Java. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m4M2ws9rTk

CWM Global Search allows searching the Internet by structure, synonym, CAS Registry Number and free text. In the background of the "Simple Search", we return structure, names and CAS Registry Numbers* within seconds.  You can control the data sources in the "Advanced Search. This allows a comprehensive search, and the resulting links are organized by topics. A search by name can automatically invoke another search by structure and/or CAS Registry, or any combination of these. CWM Global Search presently searches more than 60 free chemical and pharma relevant databases  -- containing more than 100 million pages which associate chemical structures with data. In a few weeks a new version "Runs everywhere Global Search" will be released. This version does not require anymore Java or Silverlight.

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Simple Search

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Start page


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Advanced Search

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Results grouped by data source

Build your own profiles

This versions can be used well on an iPad, and supports the major browsers.
Comprehensive Search: The Global Search uses automatically additional search terms like structure, names, and CAS Registry Number making a comprehensive search. The huge advantage is that cross-over information is generated which does not contain any more the original search term, i.e. you search by structure and get documents that contain only the corresponding synonyms, or you search for a name such as Tamiflu and find pages with the brand name Oseltamivir.

We are no magicians and have no access to CAS systems. We only can find automatically such CAS Registry Numbers or synonyms that are somewhere published.

  The Simple Search has extra options, the
bullet Find tautomers for structure
bullet Find structures for chemical name
bullet Find strucutres using name patterns
  The syntax for the Chemical Name Search will be displayed in help pages. Reference: The NCI/CADD Group has released an alpha version of a chemical search name.
  All tables are grids in which you can filter, sort, and group.
  The "Home" menu contains help, tips & tricks, themes, and information to the databases
  All queries and answers are stored temporally. You can also save them locally.
  In the text search field we create automatically two queries, one with quotation mark, and one without, if you enter multiple terms. This reminds the user if he wants to search by "or" or by "and" logic.
  We calculate the IUPAC name using ChemAxon's structure to name service.
  You can search Wikipedia by structure.

Reaction support i.e. you can use MDL RXN files or MDL RDFiles in a search.

  Submit multiple compounds in a single query, using SDfiles or RDFiles.


License fee per year: 5 copies for 1000 Euro, single copy for 240 Euro - Buy now by sending us an email or get a temporary license key, or use the free version.

The only major limitation of the free version is that only a subset of result links can be opened. You will always get the information how many hits a query finds in a given data source, which helps you to decide to re-execute the query using the native user interface.  

We support Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox on Windows and Safari on MAC computers.


Further information:

Please read the Q&A page!

Kos, A.; Himmler, H.-J. CWM Global Search—The Internet Search Engine for Chemists and Biologists. Future Internet 2010, 2, 635-644

Presentation by G. Grethe at the Fall 2012 ACS meeting: http://presentations.acs.org/common/presentation-detail.aspx/Fall2012/CINF/CINF005c/20223. Download the presentation as pdf file.

What other have to say about CWM Global Search: http://wiki.piug.org/display/PIUG/Chemical+Databases+and+Search+Engines


  * CAS Registry Number® and Synonym CAS Registry Number is a registered trademark of the American Chemical Society (ACS). All Rights Reserved. MarvinSketch is the structure editor of ChemAxon Kft., implemented as Java applet.
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Up CWMGS Deutsch CWMGS Francais Installation Databases in GS tips&tricks Q@A