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Delivering relevant data for research

CWM Global Search is a meta-search engine allowing chemists and biologists to search the major chemical and biological databases on the Internet, by structure, synonyms, CAS Registry numbers and free text.

In many cases we find automatically additional search terms. You start with a chemical name like Tamiflu, we will also search by Oseltamivir, another trivial name.

CWM Global Search will provide the occasional user with quick answers, and it will give the professional information specialist the very important extra certainty that his search was as comprehensive as can be.

Researcher and students can now use the Internet much better for scientific questions.

There is no need to install any software, everything is web-based.  We support Internet Explorer, Firefox on Windows and Safari on Macintosh computers.   

CWM Global Search is 240 Euro per year per user, and we provide volume discounts.