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Start iScienceSearch by clicking on:

http://isciencesearch.com/issl for the lite vesion (for beginners, for slow Internet connections, and for small screens) and

http://isciencesearch.com/issl/ for the full featured version

You can do a full structure, substructure and similarity search using AKosSamples using iScienceSearch.
Either draw a structure or start with the light blue button "Generate structure from text", see above. You can use a name, a CAS Registry Number, an AKosNumber, a SMILES,  and many other identifiers in the text box.

See Special Offer for low priced screening compounds and building blocks. We have added special calculated values to for using these SDFiles for other purposes, like testing predictive tools.


Friends of us developed MOBILE REAGENTS. Many compounds from AKosSamples are also in MOBILE REAGENTS


Search for compounds using iOS and Android devices using the app:





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