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ELN Supports PC, Mac, ipad/iphone, Android tablet/phone, and works in the cloud
CDS Easy way to build a strucutre search system to your catalogue on the Internet
Chem4SharePoint Draw, display and search chemical strucutres in SharePoint
Chrawler Structure search on variety of chemical identifiers, including IUPAC names,
CAS no, Trade names, other synonyms, SMILES, InChI etc.
DevSuite Use .Net to build web applications based on SQL Server (Express)
JSDraw 100% Javascript, zero-client installation
MolEngine .Net chemoinformatics toolkit
MolSql chemistry cartridge for SQL Server (Express)
RegMol Registration system for molecular entities and Assay Database, supporting
1) small-molecules, biologics, and small molecule-biologics conjugates such as antibody-drug conjugates;
2) assay protocol registration and assay data
TouchMol Chemical/Biological Structure Drawing App for multiple platforms, including iPad, Windows 8(RT), Android

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