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Most common reasons why people licensed MDDR:
  1. What is my competition doing?
  2. This is one of the very few databases with many structures and their biological activities.
  3. MDDR is often used as input to develop predicting tools.
MDDR is a database covering the patent literature, journals, meetings and congresses. Produced by Accelrys and Prous Science, the database contains over 180,000 biologically relevant compounds and well-defined derivatives, with updates adding about 10,000 a year to the database. The MDDR Finder allows you to search the database by structure or across relevant data fields. Accelrys also offers MDDR-3D. Focus:
Drugs launched or under development, as referenced in the patent literature, conference proceedings, and other sources; descriptions of therapeutic action and biological activity; tracking of compounds through development phases

Prous Science

Over 180,000 biologically relevant compounds

ISIS Relational Chemical Gateway (RCG) Database
Available online via DiscoveryGateŽ

You can access MDDR also via a web service.


FAQ concerning MDDR


What is the meaning of the word "launched", "registered", etc. as concerns the MDDR database?


"Registered" means FDA approved. "Pre-registered" means NDA (New Drug Application) filed (or MAA, Marketing Authorization Application, or whatever the marketing approval request is called in a given country or territory).

These phases are also used in the MDL Drug Data Report:

  • Biological Testing (synthesis, some in vitro work)

  • Preclinical (in vivo work and/or lead compound designated for development)

  • IND (Investigational New Drug application filed - requesting permission to test in humans)

  • Clinical (in clinical trials, specific phase not known)

  • Phase I

  • Phase I/II

  • Phase II

  • Phase II/III

  • Phase III

  • Recommended Approval (approval recommended by FDA Advisory Committee)

  • Pre-registered (NDA or MAA filed)

  • Registered (marketing approval received from competent regulatory authority)

  • Launched (commercialized, on pharmacy shelves)

  • Phase IV

  • Not Determined

  • Discontinued (development for all indications discontinued)

  • Withdrawn (commercialized product withdrawn from market)